Is there money in remix albums? 

Although remix albums have previously been highly sought after, recent trends indicate that the market that used to buy remix albums, just isn't anymore.

Before internet downloads, both Madonna and Micheal Jackson both released remix albums that sold millions across the globe and have been known as the two artists who pushed the idea of remixes heavily into the mainstream club scene. Since then, many artists who have released too many greatest hits albums then fall to remix albums in order to make a quick buck while on break. Britney Spears released 'B in the Mix' back in 2005 to moderate success, Gaga made her remix album debut with 'The Remix'  in 2010 which went on to become on of the highest selling remix albums of all time. Ke$ha released her remix album in early 2011 to moderate success also. There is also the remix queen, Mariah Carey who has released several remix collections in her time.

Recently however, remix albums are starting to make a massive drop. Britney and Gaga both released remix albums in late 2011 only both scraping less than 25k each. Britney released 'Femme Fatale: Remixed' with her tour DVD in the states that brought in around 2k, significantly less than her previous DVD + CD release the 'Chaotic EP' which brought in 650k back in 2005 and 2006.

Rihanna, another remix artist, also stopped her remix albums since the decline in the market for remix albums. Will it pick up? Probably not. Nearly all remixes are on YouTube with a download link and don't cost a thing. Unless artists are willing to have exclusive tracks like Ke$ha with her remix album, and Britney with the 'Femme Fatale: Remixed' bonus CD, the market for remix albums has basically died. 

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